I like…

Here’s a list of things that I like in Indiana… 


Deals:  Groupon 

I recently joined this deal of the day website to see what kind of discounts I could get in Indianapolis. 

Basically, you join the website and enter the city where you are interested in finding a deal. You can get around 50% or more off of the regular price of services, entertainment or other offers. Examples include deals on hotel accommodations, services in salons or spas, admission to musicals, recreational activities (sailing, rock climbing, yoga classes, cooking classes), and of course, restaurants.  B.B. also joined it and one of the first things we bought were two Groupons for a restaurant in Carmel called i Sushi Cafe (see review below). 

There are some catches to Groupon. One thing to note is that you have a limited time to take advantange of the deal of the day. The other catch is that there is a set minimum number of buyers who need to select each Groupon before it becomes effective. 

The good thing about Groupon, is that once you purchase it, you usually have a year before it expires. Just print off your Groupon and take it with you to use like cash. The other great thing about Groupon is that you can look for deals in other cities, a plus, if you are travelling. Groupon is available for several cities across the U.S. and also in major cities in Canada (like Vancouver). 

If you want to check out this website, click on my referral link to Groupon

Restaurant: iSushi Cafe Asian cuisine, specializing in sushi, 820 E 116th St, Carmel, IN, (opened May 2009) 

Most of the sushi places that I have been to in Indiana have been subpar. I guess I’m just not a fan of the specialty rolls slathered in creamy sauces, such as the Hoosier roll, which varies from restaurant to restaurant. However, I have found a sushi place in Carmel that is fairly decent. 

We ordered some nigiri and some specialty rolls like the beehive, and a salmon crunch roll. The presentation was great, the fish was fresh, and the value for your dollar is good (especially with a Groupon of $40 worth of sushi for the price of $20).  

Some specialty rolls (including the beehive) and nigiri sushi

Salmon crunch roll and specialty rainbow roll with 6 different kinds of fish

Although this is a small restaurant (with seating for approximately 30 people), the service was a bit slow. The two servers  were busy serving customers and handling take-out orders. There was a steady stream of customers coming into the restaurant, most of whom were holding tell-tale pieces of paper indicating that they had taken advantage of the i Sushi Groupon. If you do come to this restaurant, I highly recommend that you make a reservation, particularly if you come for dinner on the weekend. 


Capital Grille

Restaurant: Capital Grille – specializes in seafood and dry-aged steak, 40 West Washington Street, downtown Indianapolis 

It’s been over a year since I have been to this restaurant, but I have to say, this place has left a lasting impression on me. 

I remember when I first walked into the Capital Grille, it looked like a place where the good ol’ boys club would hang out. The dimly lit rooms were more quaint than romantic, there were small lamps on each of the tables, and the burgundy walls were mounted with framed paintings above dark wooden panels.  This restaurant is classy and  appears to cater to the CEO business crowd. However, it’s the food that really leaves the lasting impression. 

I ordered the spinach salad with warm bacon dressing to start. It was the tastiest spinach salad that I have ever eaten! The spinach was fresh, with mushrooms, onions ,and chopped egg. The salad was lightly dressed with their smokey bacon flavoured dressing. I also ordered a dry aged sirloin steak with a side of steamed vegetables. Normally, I am satisfied with an 8 oz steak,  but 14 oz was the smallest size available. The steak so delicious that I polished off the whole steak by myself. (I am a small person with a big appetite. The waiter even commented that he was impressed that I finished it all). I usually don’t eat dessert after a meal (and I was a little full) but, the next time I go, I am going to try their crème brûlée, which looks and sounds delicious. 

The service was excellent, as was the food. The prices are on the more expensive side, but if you are wanting to enjoy a nice evening out with someone special, I highly recommend this restaurant.


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