Yesterday, I helped B.B.’s mom with some errands she has to do before school starts (she’s a teacher). We also stopped for lunch and went to Stuckey’s farm to get some sweet corn. 

In Lebanon we also stopped at a chocolatier shoppe called Donaldson’s. B.B.’s mom knows Mr. Donaldson, so I got to meet him. He’s a very nice man. In conversation, I mentioned that I taught in South Korea. He asked me if I have ever been to Osaka. I told him that I was there a few times in my 20’s, to which he just chuckled. Apparently, Mr. Donaldson was stationed there in 1951 and 1952 during the Korean War. He mentioned that he enjoyed his visits to Japan. He thought it was a neat city. While I was in South Korea teaching English, B.B.’s mom sent us some chocolates from Donaldson’s. He said that his chocolates have saved a lot of marriages. Maybe his chocolates also helped result in some marriages (like B.B. and myself?).  

Later that day, B.B. thought it would be a good idea to have a date night. He also said that I should be rewarded for helping out his mom. I did not oppose this suggestion. I like date night! 

We went to a i Sushi Cafe in Carmel (click to see my review on my I like page). Then we decided to go to see a movie. Normally, we go and see a 5 Buck movie at a Kerasotes Theater, but that program no longer seems to be running. I think that Kerasote was bought out by AMC, a bigger movie theatre company. You can view movies at Kerasotes for $5 on Mondays through Thursdays and this may apply only to movies that are not new releases. We ended up getting there too late for the early shows and too early for the late shows. We bought tickets for a later showing of The Twighlight Saga: Eclipse and then we went to nearby Broad Ripple to look around for a bit before the movie started. 

Broad Ripple is one of the more interesting neighbourhoods of Indianapolis. It’s kind of an ecclectic area with restaurants, bars, boutiques and even kayak shoppes. It’s a combination of families and college-aged kids hanging out in that neighbourhood. We walked along part of the Monon Trail (which runs through Broad Ripple) and stopped on a bridge to watch some guys fishing in the White River. 

White River, view from Monon Trail near Broad Ripple Village

We went back to the village and stopped for an iced latte at Monon Coffee and continued our walk. We ate some of the chocolates that I had gotten earlier with B.B.’s mom at Donaldson’s. (They had melted a bit in the bag because I forgot to take out of my purse, but they were still delicious). 

We went and watched Eclipse. I have to say that I enjoyed the movie. The trilogy about vampires is so quirky and imaginative. I loved the one-liners in the movie (like when Jacob and his 6-pack abs is waiting to pick up Bella and Edward sarcastically says, “Doesn’t he own a shirt?”). Although a bit hokey, I thought that the movie was entertaining and so, I would recommend this movie.