About Me

I’m a Canadian (from British Columbia) cutting through the beaurocratic red tape of the American immigration system. Currently, I’m livin’ it up in the midwestern state of Indiana.




15 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I can now track your “Indiana moves”..Miss you tonnes. Love that the GP is Temmu! That’s fantastic!
    Love Leah

  2. Hi! I came across your blog while searching for “Canadians in Indianapolis”. It inspired me to start a blog about life here in Indy through a Canadian’s eyes. I’m originally from Toronto and moved here over a year ago.

    Anyway, just thought I would drop a note to a fellow Canadian!

    Take care,


    • Hi Tina! Thanks for commenting. I think that you should start a blog. It’s a great way of documenting events in your life and also a way for your friends and family to keep up to date with what you’ve been doing. I would be interested in reading your opinions about life in Indy. Let me know when you get your blog up and running!

  3. My site is now up and running! Still a work in progress, but hope you enjoy it!

  4. Oh my gosh, there are more than just one of us? There are 3 of us? I’m from Toronto and just moved here a few months ago.

  5. Hey there, Sunshine. I’m sure you get this all the time…I nominated you for The Sunshine Award. Congrats! You’ve brought the sunshine in with you! Your friend, Stephanie@Random Acts

  6. Hey there! I’m glad I found your blog 🙂 I’m in BC currently (Chilliwack) but am probably moving to Indiana at some point next year. Just 5 minutes in to your blog and I’m loving all the info I’m learning! What part of Indiana are you in? I’d be headed into Brownsburg, and really know nothing about any of it, lol. Looking forward to reading more!

  7. Congratulations on your engagement! I did the same thing. I met a guy, got engaged, applied for a Fiance Visa, got visa approved, move the Indiana, got married and I recently got my green card. It only took 6 or so years. It was a long process, but worth it. (I have an immigration page that I have to update).

  8. Hi! I’m also a Canadian, French Canadian, living in Indy. I have also started a blog (http://blog.travelpod.com/travel-blog/julie_a_indy/1/tpod.html) about living in Indy, to easily share all that’s happening here with my life and adventure, with my family and friends. I enjoyed reading some of your posts and can totally relate to some of them. Living in the US made me realize how similar are all Canadians compared to Americans. I haven’t met a lot of Canadians since I’m here. Perhaps we should organize a Canadians-in-Indy meetup… Thanks for sharing on your experiences. Julie

  9. I came from Indiana – born in Bloomington but have also lived in Indy. I am now in Sydney – so I look forward to hearing your stories!

  10. nice to know i won’t be the only one 🙂 I am moving soon

  11. Any tips??

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