Sometimes driving around town is frustrating1

Sometimes driving around town is frustrating!

Today, I was driving along College Avenue, one of the major north-south roads in Indianapolis and came to a stop in the middle of the road. Up ahead, the two lane road narrowed to one lane. I knew that and I was already in the correct lane,which happened to be the left lane. Yet, there were several people who drove up along the right side of the road even though the majority of the drivers were clearly waiting for the traffic up ahead to move along. The reason why the rest of us were stopped for so long is because of all of the drivers who was cutting the line. It was so maddening! One such driver sped past about 10 cars before budging the line and I noticed that he actually had a vanity plate that read, “THANKS” which I am sure is meant to be sarcastic. Even though he took off down the road, I ended up right behind him about 15 minutes later. I wasn’t following him, but we happened to end up in the main part of Carmel. Guess where he ended up going? He was speeding, weaving and cutting the line because he was in such a hurry to get to Arby’s! Crazy!