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Me, on a diet?! I scoff at diets!


Hello, it’s me Francis. The humans are at work, I’m not sure where Teemu is. I think he’s away on vacation at some sort of guinea pig day care. I thought that I would break out of my crate to catch up on some e-mail and post on some blogs. It’s been a while.

The last time I went to see the vet was because I had some diarrhea as a result of getting into the fridge. I helped myself to some delicious butternut squash soup, creamer, mayonnaise and a few other choice items. Hey, I’m an opportunist! This is, by the way, the reason why the humans put me in a crate during the day.

Last week, I had my annual physical. I was a bit scared because the last visit to the vet was under rather unpleasant circumstances. For the most part, it wasn’t too bad. However, it turns out that I’ve gained about 5 lbs since my last visit (I’m over 90 lbs). What’s the big deal? So, I put on a few pounds. I’m as fit as a fiddle and that extra poundage is all muscle! And the ladies love it! (I get so many admiring glances; people think that I’m so adorable!!). Besides, I can’t help it that I’m such a foodie! I love cooking shows and I love to help out in the kitchen…as a canine Hoover (any little bit of food that hits the floor is mine!). So when I heard the vet tell my owners that I had to lose about 10 lbs and go on a green bean diet, I laughed. (Are green beans OK to give to a dog? Apparently so!). The humans are sticking to it. I get 1.5 cups of my regular dog food in the morning and a can of green beans at night. So far, so good. I actually enjoy the beans (the French cut, of course!). Very refreshing on my palate. But I’m not too fussy!

I’ve also been getting in some extra walks (in addition to the 2 miles that I do each day). Today, I was chased by three dogs, each of which were about 5 lbs in size (but an intimidating 5 lbs, nonetheless!). One was interested (I’m a husky ball of fur) and the other two were just jealous! I’m sexy and I know it, but just to keep the peeps happy, I’ll eat the green beans.