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For the Memorial Day weekend, we went to the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, OH to watch the Cincinnati Reds take on the Chicago Cubs. Like most sporting venues, this one is named after a major sponsor (an insurance company). This ballpark is arguably one of the best ball parks in the league—it’s a great open park situated in Ohio and overlooks the neighbouring state of Kentucky.

The last time that B.B. and I went to this stadium about 5 years ago, the thousands of Cubs fans present were ecstatic about the win against the Reds. Yesterday, however, was a different story. There was a sea of red t-shirts, a sign of the Reds’ winning streak and a lot of the Reds fans were hopeful about winning a free pizza. Earlier this year, a local pizza company, La Rosa’s, announced that it is offering free pizza to attendees for the entire season each time the Reds strike out 11 players during the game. To date, they have reportedly given away over $100,000 worth of free pizza since the offer began April 1, 2013. During the game, I was wondering why the crowd was chanting, “We want pizza!” We saw Arnoldis Chapman throw some fast pitches over 100 mph (he reportedly holds the record for the fastest pitch in the history of the MLB at 106 mph). His final pitch of the game thrilled Reds fans (click on the link for my recorded video). B.B. and I are thinking about going back to Cincinnati to get our free pizza… we have a week. It’s just a thought.