Francis isn’t the only one who wasn’t impressed with this year’s 500 Festival Mini Marathon swag bag. What the heck?!? Last year there were a few more items including some snacks. The only sample in this sad bag is a few grams of a pain relief gel. Do I want a brochure to the Indianapolis Zoo? Do I need a coupon for an unhealthy 2 litre diet Pepsi? At the mini-marathon expo, there were so many vendors that it’s surprising that none of them seemed to be a contributing sponsor to the swag (is it too much to ask for a Cliff bar?). However, it is cool that the plastic bag will be the only bag accepted at the gear check tent, for safety reasons and for the purpose of re-using it. 

The biggest problem that I have with goods is the running shirt. I thought that last year’s mini marathon shirt was way nicer (to be honest, the best swag shirt that I have ever received from any race). However, this year’s grey shirt is the colour of concrete (well, some things I like in grey, like suits, cotton sweaters, soft grey walls and kittens). But, it’s a running shirt! Couldn’t it have at least been a cheerier colour like purple or yellow? (These are the logo colours for the annual theme, which this year is Turbocharging Indy). At least it will go with the rain clouds that are expected to be hanging around the morning of the race. That’s right, it’s going to be a cloudy race day with a chance of showers. Temperature range for the race around 52-61° F degrees (or 11-16° C). As long as it doesn’t rain, that’s good running weather.

In the mean time, I’m carbo-loading and drinking plenty of water. I’ll be ready to run!