2009 – 2013

Sadly, on April 24, 2013, Teemu, the guinea pig, passed away at the age of 4 years as the result of respiratory complications. He leaves behind his family KG and BB and younger brother, Francis.

Teemu (also known by his NASCAR driver name, “Teemu Ricky” and by his rap name, “Fatty-Tee”) was born somewhere in Indiana and lived with a family for about a year before being adopted by his last family, who enjoyed his company and his colorful personality. He was a content guinea pig who quickly came out of his shell and enjoyed the company of other species, humans and dogs alike (although he felt that Francis was an unwelcome addition to the family, Teemu warmed up to him and enjoyed teasing him occasionally).

Teemu was an honest guinea who was never afraid to express his emotions whether it be irritation or contentment. And although he was small, he was full of attitude and lived life to the fullest, to the very end of his days.

He will be deeply missed.