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Girl Walking Dog, Dog Biting Leash - Playing

This morning, I just looked out the window and saw the grey clouds and threw on two shirts, a sweatshirt, winter coat, long johns, jeans, wool socks and off Francis and I went for our daily walk. About ten minutes into my walk, I started sweating and realized that it was a lot warmer than I thought. It kind of reminded me of a warm winter day in Vancouver (it rained the night before and was a tad humid out). It’s December, and the temperature here was a high of 62° F (that’s 16.6° C!!). I have to admit, I added a temperature report to my cell phone–in Celsius–so I have a better understanding of the temperature. I’m getting used to reading and hearing Fahrenheit, but I’m not quite there yet. This morning, I forgot to check the temperature before I went out.

Whenever I talk to my parents on the phone, no matter where in the world I am, they always ask me about the weather. Today, I can report that it was one of those unseasonable warm winter days. For those people who don’t believe in global warming, perhaps this crazy warm weather will help change some minds. The average highs and lows for Indiana are 38° F and 23° F (3.3° C and -5° C).

Despite my multi-layers, I did find it to be a very enjoyable walk. Francis enjoyed it a lot, too. I think I’ll call my parents now.