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Fireworks #1

Because it’s been such a hot and dry summer (little rain for weeks), many of the 92 counties in Indiana have put a hold on the 4th of July celebrations, some even postponing public firework displays. This ban has also affected personal fireworks, a popular way of celebrating the 4th.

Purchasing fireworks for personal use has always been a bit of a bewilderment to me. Until arriving in Indiana, I had no idea that people could walk into a store to buy fireworks. It’s quite different from B.C., we don’t have firework stores (and we definitely cannot purchase fireworks at the local Wal-Mart). One reason for this is the risk of starting forest fires, a major natural resource. However, with a combination of dry, hot weather and lightning strikes, forest fires in B.C. are to be expected (according to the B.C. government, forest fires in B.C. average about 2000 per year, half of which are started by lightning strikes and half by people).

Despite the ban, the fireworks are still being set off. I can’t help but wonder if some people in Indiana are not taking the ban seriously because they don’t believe (or don’t care) that there is a serious risk of starting a fire that can quickly get out of control. For the past few days, I’ve been hearing the occasional pop and screech of fireworks (even if the sun hasn’t yet set). However, with this ban, people ares still lighting fireworks and sometimes, it’s not so secret. When B.B. and I went to the to Drive In a few weeks ago, someone actually let off a firework in the parking lot during the movie.

I’m glad that we have this ban in effect, I find it a little tiresome hearing all of the fireworks going off every night. Even though I can hear the loud booms outside, it’s still a little less noisy than last year when there wasn’t a ban. Francis, and pretty much all other doggies, are also happy for this relief in noise as well. I hope that everyone celebrates this holiday safely. Happy 4th!