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Drive-in theatres have been in existence for 79 years and experienced peak popularity during the 1950’s and early 60’s, yet they have been on the slow decline since then. Last weekend, B.B. and I went experience the drive-in theatre at 480 South Tibbs. We were happy to find out that we could take our dog with us. The theatre staff said that as long as the dog is supervised and not disturbing the other movie watchers, it’s fine to bring your dog. In fact, we saw other people with their dogs there also (many people set up camp chairs in front of their vehicles and sit back and watch the movie).

We got there rather early–I guess that it’s easy to do in the summer when June has some of the longest days of the year. We ended up waiting around for about an hour, but that’s ok because we had ample time to get our refreshments (popcorn, pop, caramel apple and a hot dog) plus we had an excellent spot. We later found out that the movie that we were parked to see was the children’s cartoon, Madagascar 3, which explained all of the children running around in our area. After that movie we stayed for the next movie, which was Snow White and the Huntsman, the movie we originally thought that we were going to see. But paying one price for two movies was worth it (I thought that Madagascar 3 was the better movie, anyhow).

You can view the movies playing on the Tibb’s website, which is a little tough to navigate; the drop-down menu is located at the bottom left side of the page. There is also a sign outside of the theatre listing the schedule of movies for all of the 4 screens. The drive-in is located on the west-side, just take I-465 South to exit 13, Rockville Road.