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Michael Andretti practicing for the 2007 India...

Michael Andretti practicing for the 2007 Indianapolis 500 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To tell you the truth, I don’t know too much about racing. I barely took notice of the sport when Vancouver had its own race, the Molson Indy. I even saw Michael Andretti at a downtown restaurant but only noticed him because some ESPN guys pointed him out. Needless to say, I am not very knowledgeable in this area, but I’ve learned a few things. For example, when B.B. told me that the other day was Carb Day, I thought that the race car drivers had to go eat a lot of pasta to get ready for the race (carb, in this case is short for carburetors). It’s also the day before the race with a big party for everyone and a free concert. Last night, Lynryrd Skynyrd performed.

There’s a lot of hype this weekend in Indianapolis because it’s race weekend. People are excited because I’m told that summer does not officially start until it’s race weekend. There are events that lead up to race day, such as the parades and pageantry and even the Mini-Marathon, which is part of the 500 festival event (500 is a key number because the Indy car race is 500 miles around the 2.5 mile oval track). I also know that this year is the first year that turbo-charged engines are allowed in the race (I have been in a car with a turbo engine which has a lot of get-up-and-go).

I have no desire to go to a hot track (it’s going 32 degrees Celsius) just to sit with 400,000 drunk people smelling engine exhaust and watching 33 cars go around an oval loop 200 times. It just does not sound exciting to me. Although, I’m told that most of the fun of going to the race is actually the people watching. I hear that a lot of people show up to the track wearing cut-off jean shorts and white tank tops–they have the so-called trailer park look. Maybe I’ll go another time.