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Francis and Teemu


K.B. can’t come to the computer to write her usual posts, so I decided to introduce myself. My name is Francis. DNA tests reveal that I am 25% German Shepherd, 25% pitt bull, 12% Giant Schnauzer and also a bit of Irish Setter, Skye Terrier, Pharaoh Hound and a dash of Chow. I’m male and about 2-3 years old. I enjoy long walks in various neighbourhoods, smelling mailbox posts (and leaving messages for my friends), playing with my toys and hanging out with both dogs and people. K.B. thinks that I have a personality that is a combination of Scooby Doo (I’m curious, goofy and I am very food-oriented) and the lion from the Wizard of Oz (I am lovable and sometimes lack a little courage).I’m the newest member to the K.B. and B.B. household.

Originally, I was found last summer, out in the hot sun, without fresh food or water, underweight and chained to a tree 24 hours a day. I was also abused. Even today, when a person I don’t know very well innocently lifts their arm, I crouch down and cower in anticipation of the blows that I think are coming. But now, everything is ok. I was rescued by a woman who happened to hear my barking cries for help. The SPCA got involved and the woman who rescued me fostered me for several months…and I am very grateful to her for taking action and saving me. I am always very happy to see her (I still remain in contact with her even though I’m no longer staying at her home).

After several visits to my current home, I’m finally comfortable and permanently settled. I often follow K..B. all over the house, even if B.B. is home. Don’t get me wrong, I like B.B. and he’s fun to play with, I just like following K.B. around the house no matter how brief her stay in a room; she could be ironing, cooking, doing laundry or drying her hair — I‘m there. I’ll only follow B.B. if he’s in the kitchen (what can I say, I love food!).

Doris and Edgar, neighbourhood aristo-ducks

Doris and Edgar, neighbourhood aristo-ducks

I have my new routines including going for walks several times a day around my new neighbourhood. On a daily basis, I see Edgar and Doris, the neighbourhood aristo-ducks. I nod my head and carry on with the walk (I’m not a hunting dog–how could I be? My first friends in life were the birds and squirrels). I get fed twice a day and have snacks throughout the day, including peanut butter, which is my favourite! On nice days, I go for convertible rides and sometimes go to the local dog park. Every once in a while, I go to doggie day camp where I get to see a lot of my friends both dogs and people (my best buds are a Bloodhound named Jones and a lab named Hector and my favourite people are the girls–I’m a bit of a ladies dog). Everything has worked out well. It’s a dog’s life!


I saw that Francis wrote a post. So I thought that I’d jump on the computer and do the same. That dog has some nerve! First of all, let me say that I have a major beef with the newest “member” of this household. I can’t believe that he is playing the neglected animal card to get all of this attention that should be showered on me! I’m a rescued guinea! Don’t I deserve attention? The dog doesn’t seem to realize that I rule this roost with an iron fist! I’m working on some plans to get rid of him.

The other day when she and he-human were at work, I convinced Francis to snoop around the kitchen. It went a little something like this:

(from my cage, I said to the dog): “Francis, go ahead, sniff through the recycling bag that’s hanging on the pantry door–there might be some leftover food in there. Oh, there’s no food in it? Why don’t you give the bag a little tug! What? The pantry door opened? What do you see in the pantry? Bags of dog food treats! Go ahead and help yourself. You deserve it. In fact, have them all! No need to share with me, I’m not into chicken, I’m a vegetarian.”

“Hee-hee!” I thought to myself as Francis brought bags of dog treats into the living room. Right before my eyes, he ripped open the bags and ate everything, including one full bag of black licorice-coloured doggie dental chews! He was about to start on a rawhide when the humans came home. Were they ever shocked and disappointed with Francis! I thought that for sure they would send him back to that woman who rescued him. But they didn’t. They just reprimanded him a little and didn’t feed him dinner that night. I heard that he later made a bit of a spectacle of himself at the dog park when he went to the bathroom. Let’s just say that what he left behind was just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. Unfortunately, they didn’t get rid of the dog. But I’m working on it…in the meantime, I will continue to chew on the bars of my cage and I will be extra demanding. I’m also working on acting more cute when the humans are around; he is a little jealous that I am a lap animal and he is not. It’s the little victories that make life great!