One of several tornadoes observed by the VORTE...

Twisters are scary forces of nature.

My mom called me the other day to make sure that I was ok and was not affected by the tornadoes that have been making the news. I’m fine. Nothing happened in Indianapolis on Friday other than some heavy rain and hail the size of golf balls. We didn’t even have to do a tornado drill at work (we did last year).

However, other parts of Indiana and neighbouring states were not so lucky. The storms affected Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Georgia and Alabama and has left 37 people dead. Stories of the storms aftermath are beginning to emerge including the survival of a lone toddler found alive in a field. In southern Indiana, the tornado was reported to be classified as an EF-4 Tornado, the second highest rating on the scale measuring tornado strength, with winds gusting at 175 mph.

I come from a place where tornadoes are non-existant (thanks, mountains). I have learned that they are a scary force of nature and unfortunately, I am now living in Tornado Alley. Upon talking to people here, tornadoes are a common occurance during the spring months when the weather begins to warm up. Someone who lived through a tornado said that when it hits, it sounds like a loud and scary train siren. People even say that tornadoes often tend to hit the same areas (however, I wonder with climate change, whether that would perhaps affect where a tornado would next appear).

So, I’m fine. I am hoping that we will not be experiencing any more severe weather for a while.