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Will Eli Manning lead the Giants to victory?

The game hasn’t started yet, but it’s the big day New England Patriots versus New York Giants. Who are people in Indiana rooting for? Why, the Giants, of course. If the Colts aren’t in it, then the Giants are the next best bet with Eli Manning, younger brother of Peyton, leading the team (if you didn’t already know, Peyton Manning has been the quarterback for the Colts since 1998 and has a huge fan base in Indiana). Lots of celebrities in town are rooting for Giants (Jimmy Fallon, for one, mentioned this a few times during the taping of his show).

Even though most of Indiana seems to be supporting the Giants, past match-ups could play a factor in this year’s championship game. Four years ago, the Patriots and Giants met at up at the Super Bowl showdown with the Giants being the victors (the score was 17-14). With that in mind, perhaps the Patriots are seeking some redemption and could have that extra motivation to beat the Giants this year. That, and the Patriots had a better season (13-3 vs Giants 9-7).

Either way, it will probably be a good game. Kick-off is at 6:30 E.S.T.