A few weeks ago, I was excited to learn that my online request for Jimmy Fallon tickets had been granted. However, I soon learned from online reviews from fans who attended the first taping, the Late Night show is always overbooked. That means that even if you get the reserved tickets, you still have to go downtown to pick up the tickets for guaranteed seats. So, B.B. and I went downtown and stood in a massively long line to get our tickets. There are over 1700 seats in the theatre (some of the seats were reserved for the multiple cameras and sound equipment), but as we were standing in line, I couldn’t help wondering if we would be able to get seats. We were in line for two hours before we finally got our wristbands and tickets. We toured the Super Bowl village and then returned to the theater for the 5:00 seating time.

The taping was pretty interesting because there are a whole bunch of things that happen off camera that you would never know about if you were just watching the show on T.V. At the beginning, a warm up comedian, Seth Herzog, came out to get the crowd pumped up. He also did some practice applause rounds with the audience, some of which will probably used as future sound bites, if needed. He also brought some people on stage for a dance-off, he then introduced The Roots who warmed up with an upbeat song, and he showed off some of his dance moves.

When Jimmy Fallon was introduced, the crowd went wild and the show began just like that. B.B. and I watched the episode later on T.V. and we actually heard B.B.’s isolated laugh just before Fallon delivered the punchline to a joke. B.B. told me he knew where he was going with the joke, so he laughed early.

The Real Housewives of Late Night are in Indy this week

I was surprised by the number of footballers who appeared on the show, including Colts player, Dallas Clark who was in the audience (he got a lot of cheers when he went to take his seat prior to the taping). Michael Strahan was the guest emcee at the beginning of the show, two other Colts players Jeff Saturday and Dwight Freeney raced each other in a tricycle race. Tony Gonzales and Jerry Rice donned wigs to do a hilarious reenactment of a scene from Jerry MacGuire, the “You complete me” scene. Also, one of the skits was a spoof on the Real Housewives series. The Jimmy Fallon version was “The Real Housewives of Late Night”  which involved the Late Night staff dressed up in drag, meeting up with Colts players’ wives (who were actually some of the Colts players dressed in drag). It was quite funny.

Taylor Lautner and Drew Brees competed in a target contest. Fallon threw plates in the air and they had to hit the plates with footballs, skeet-shooting style. Drew Brees ended up winning, but Taylor Lautner held his own. Adam Levine was also a guest on the show. During the commercial pauses, Jimmy shot several 15 second promos, some by himself and some with Adam Levine which will be aired on NBC promoting the Fallon’s show and some promoting The Voice, on which Adam Levine is a judge.

Just being able to hear The Roots play alone was worth going to the show. Not only were they a part of the acts, like the Jimmy and the Ladysmith Snack Mambazo, Subway bit, they also performed along with Nas, the guest performer. The music was fantastic.

Jimmy Fallon was very personable during the commercial breaks and he expressed his thanks to the audience and the people of Indianapolis for being a friendly host city. He even ran up the aisles to high-five people in the audience (B.B. got to touch his hand!). It was a very good show and well worth the three hours spent in the lineups. To watch this episode, go to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.