Just sitting on the computer doing random google searches that my inquiring mind wants to know. One thing that I was wondering is if there are any Canadian social groups. The top google search on the subject turns out to be this blog.

I know there are Canadians here. I’ve seen the signs. On passing cars, I often see the Canadian flag on the front plate of vehicles (in Indiana, you only need to have the back plate), the Maple Leaf stickers (the hockey team), provincial vanity plates, or vanity plate giveaways like “CDN EH”. I also know people who know Canadians (that I have never met) and I think that I might have worked with a Canadian (I work at a place with a lot of people so I never really met the guy).

I’m not down on the Americans, I’ve met many people here who are very nice, but sometimes, you just don’t get them or vice versa. For example, sarcastic sass comes across as being unfriendly here in the mid-west, and to tell you the truth, I enjoy a little sass in my day. I’m used to it, I grew up with it, I can handle it. Also, I just have no historical understanding of American traditions, for example, homecoming. I had to ask B.B. what that meant when everyone was buzzing about it (by the way, it means that it’s the first home game for the local team of whatever sport–usually it’s football; apparently this occurs in Ontario, but as a British Columbian, it’s a bit foreign to me). I’m just saying, that it would be nice to talk about something that I understand (I don’t follow football, but I don’t really follow hockey either, but I could have a somewhat lengthy discussion on that subject over football–did you know that my guinea pig is named after Teemu Selanne? and my previous guinea was Domi, after Tie Domi). And don’t get me started on the whole sorority/fraternity subject–I never experienced it, nor do I feel like I missed out on anything in my university experience.

Back to my google search. Maybe I”ll find something or perhaps maybe I should just start-up a group to join. If anyone has any feedback on this, feel free to comment.