English: A photograph of a German Shepherd Dog

I love German Shepherds!

B.B. and I are close to adopting a dog. It’s not set in stone, but it’s close. Someone is fostering a dog who was found abused and tied to a tree for an entire year (even during the horrible winter storms last year). This dog is not very trusting of new people, particularly males, but we have visited with the dog a few times. He’s a really nice looking dog, an American Staffordshire Terrier (a.k.a. pit bull) and German Shepherd mix, plus a couple of other breeds (like giant schnauzer). He looks like a pit bull in the eyes, but his muzzle and ears look more like a German Shepherd. He’s socialized around other dogs (he goes to doggy day camp) and he’s very playful. He even wanted to play with our caged guinea pig; he was in the play stance with Teemu, but we’re not at the stage of letting out our guinea pig out around him.

English: Guinea pig (Cavia porcellus)

This isn't Teemu, but he's pretty cute. I couldn't resist adding this picture.

Teemu was not at all scared. In fact, he kind of popcorned in his cage (popcorning refers to a twitching action that guinea pigs do when they are happy). Teemu went to get some water and the dog was millimeters away from his face; but Teemu just continued to drink water. When Teemu drinks water, it’s often because he’s curious; it’s just his sly move to check out the room as the water bottle corner has the best vantage point.

We’re going to have the dog hang out at our house for a day and see how that goes. Slowly, but surely.