I have a lot of projects on the go but unfortunately none of them are anywhere near completion.

  • Knitting – I was supposed to make a couple of items (like a scarf for B.B.) but it’s nowhere near done (project start: over a year ago). Well,  I did finish a scarf but it wasn’t very wearable. It was a little too curly (the wool was thick and stitching pattern that I tried made it coil like a snake). I have a couple of other projects on the go. Nothing too complicated, but it’s sometimes hard for me to get motivated to finishing these projects.

Made by me

  • Jewelry making – B.B. and I took an art class at the Indianapolis Art Center in Broad Ripple earlier in the year. It involved a lot of welding, hammering, sawing, filing, etc. It was pretty fun. The class has since ended, and I haven’t signed up for any additional classes — yet. I started some projects and had a lot of ideas and I have access to the jewelry making studio, but I haven’t gotten around to completing projects. I was mostly working with copper, but feel like I could start working with silver. It’s a little more of an investment, but I like silver jewelry. I figure if I could make a copper bangle, I could make a silver one (although, I would have to be careful with the torch because silver heats up faster than copper–also, it’s harder to tell when the silver is thoroughly heated–the copper turns bright red, and is more durable when heated, silver is easier to ruin).
  • Jewelry making, part II – I have some basic supplies for making wire jewelry (pliers, wire, beads, etc.). Haven’t gotten around to making anything for a while (maybe a few years now– even though I always think about projects, but thinking isn’t the same as doing, is it?)
  • Baking – I was thinking about going to the craft store Jo-Ann to get some cardboard boxes to give cookies as gifts for Christmas. I have to get cracking on that. (the craft store is full of inspirational ideas but it also sucks you into starting projects that you may or may not finish)
  • Making soup – Now that winter is here, I wanted to experiment with soup making. I have not really tried this before…it’s a new thing for me. Now that we have a blender, making soup doesn’t seem so hard. I plan to make potato-leek (leeks are vegetable of the season for me).

    Teemu in his cuddle cup

  • Sewing – I borrowed B.B.’s mom’s sewing machine with the intention of sewing things and maybe fixing a few articles of clothing. I bought some material for making Christmas stockings and I already cut the pieces, but I haven’t actually started the sewing process. Also, I want to make a flannel guinea pig bed for Teemu. I did make him a cuddle-cup. Unfortunately, either I misjudged the amount of material I needed or our guinea pig needs to lose some weight (either way, he still likes it–he sleeps in it and sometimes on it.).
  • Blogging – I try to keep up with posting once a week. It’s tough though. I have a lot of things to say, but not enough time to say them. I’ve done ok so far. Thus ends post # 101.