This weekend, on a whim, B.B. and I decided to go to Chicago. It was a bit of a hairy drive there (I can’t tell you how many near misses we had including a guy who passed us from the right lane as B.B. was about to pass a semi–the guy barely made it through). People were driving like maniacs! Despite this, we made it to Chicago in one piece.

We went to a Greek restaurant called Greek Island located at 200 S. Halsted Road (in the heart of Greek town). A quirky thing about Greek restaurants in Indiana is that they always include ice burg lettuce in the Greek salads…by the way, this is also true of Greek restaurants in the provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Maybe it’s not fair to judge a restaurant by its salad, but it seems like all of the Greek restaurants in Indiana include other items that are not typical of Greek cuisine (things like Hoagies, for example) which makes it seem inauthentic. So, when we go to the Greek Island, it’s 100% Greek cuisine and the food is fantastic.

The meal started off well, but there was so much food! I think that I stuffed myself with too much bread and tzatziki. I was in no shape to finish the family sampler which had a little bit of everything like chicken souvlaki, mousaka, dolmades, chicken riganati, spanakotiropita, baklava, and Greek coffee.

We also stayed at a modern-retro hotel near O’Hare Airport called the ALoft, which is a minimalist hotel with a retro twist. The room looked pretty cool (I particularly liked the ice-blue retro clock in our room). The bathroom had a sliding mirror door and the shower had a frosted window facing the main room (so you could see the shadow of the person taking a shower). Even though it looked cool, you could tell it would look run down in a few years. B.B. called it “cheap-chic.” I also enjoyed the lobby which looked like you were in a trendy bar. In fact, there was a bar in the lobby with lighted shelves illuminating the dozens of bottles of alcohol on display. There was also a few lounge areas with fireplaces and lounge chairs and lounge ottoman seats. There was also a pool table and B.B. and I played a few games, which was pretty fun.

A view along Lakeshore Drive in Chicago--I wonder how these two got off of their bike.

Other things that we did in Chicago included making the most of our daylight savings day by sleeping-in until 8am (which was actually more like 10am in Indianapolis if not for the fall-back hour–Chicago is on Central time, so it was like adding 2 hours to our day!). We worked out at the hotel gym and we went to Navy Pier and wandered around (Navy Pier is similar to Granville Island but less folksy and more tourist-souveniry–yes, I made up that word). We also walked around downtown Chicago including the main strip, Michigan Avenue, also known as, the Magnificent Mile.

It was a pretty big day and we made it safe and sound, back to Indiana.