…but I was going to, I just haven’t gotten around to doing that, yet. I have time today, decided not to go to work today. Unfortunately, I have misplaced my cable to transfer photos to the computer. It’s around somewhere…

Just having a bumming around town day. Good thing, too because I was feeling tired and today is a very nice autumn day. Would you believe that people are driving around with their convertible tops down in early November? It was a crisp, but warm 67 degrees the other day (that’s about 19 Celsius).

I went to Einsteins Bagels and treated myself to a lox bagel and some vanilla flavoured coffee. It’s a good start. Will go to the gym. Haven’t been for a while as I’ve been feeling rather lazy lately. But since it’s a leisurely day off, I will go (I don’t like to feel rushed when I’m exercising). It’s kind of nice to not be on a schedule.

Did I mention that we had over 40 trick or treaters? We ran out of candy! Last year, we only had about a dozen kids come by (but it probably didn’t help that I was giving all of the kids two candies each–then I started rationing down to one–then I was down to only three chocolates that B.B. and I ended up eating). This year, I had to run outside and blow out the candles in the pumpkins because I didn’t want to have to give out oranges (I would have been mad about getting oranges if I were of trick-or-treating age). Will post jack o’lantern pictures soon.