Our tomatoes didn't do well, but our squirrel garden yielded results

Well, our little potted garden didn’t do so well. Out of the five tomato plants, we only had a few tomatoes grow. I attribute that to the rainy summer that we experienced. The red peppers faired a little better, but it was still easier and more convenient to drive to the store to buy somewhat fresh and ripe vegetables.

I’m not really sure what this squirrel is doing. I was watching TV and checking my e-mail when I noticed that Mr. Squirrel was digging around in the pot. B.B. thinks that maybe he was burying something, but I think that he was digging for nuts (or maybe some rotting tomatoes?).
I’m getting ready to carve my pumpkin. Then I usually put it outside to biodegrade after the trick or treaters stop by for candy. I’m told that squirrels sometimes eat pumpkin. But the squirrels did not touch our jack o’ lanterns from last year. Perhaps they were too scary looking. Maybe I’ll carve a happier jack-o’lantern this year. I’ll post it tomorrow…