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Each year, Indianapolis is host to the National Future Farmers of America Convention. It lasts for four days and is officially the largest convention held in the city each year. 10,000 rooms have been reserved for this convention and an estimated $40 million dollars will be pumped into the local economy.

I’m not sure what takes place during the four-day convention, but I know that 55,000 future farmers from across the U.S. (and their chaperones) have been let loose and have been sprawling through the downtown core. They are easily recognized by their navy blue blazers with “FAA” written in large print across their backs.

Last year, a fifteen-year old FFA participant failed to return to his bus during the Convention and was found the following January in Canada. Apparently, he was an exchange student from Afghanistan who used his $1,000 to run off to Canada where it is theorized that he could/would seek political asylum there.

As far as I know, it’s been a pretty low-key affair. All the kids will be returning to their hometowns this weekend and will be back again next year.