Standard shopping cart, picture taken at a Weg...

An all too frequent sight in the parking lots of Indianapolis

Every once in a while, little things irk me to the point of inspiration–I end up writing about it in this blog (check out my random rants, for example). A couple of irritating things that I’ve been noticing all too frequently have to do with driving and shopping.

Sometimes, when I’m driving along behind someone when all of a sudden, surprise! The guy in front (or woman) decides to abruptly stop, then turn on his turn signal and wait for oncoming traffic to clear before making a left turn. I end up getting stuck behind this guy because he stopped too suddenly and there is too much traffic passing me to switch lanes. It’s really annoying when you’re driving down a heavily travelled road like Fall Creek Parkway, a fast and somewhat curvy road with a 40 mph speed limit–but most people are driving 50+mph. Another curve ball to this road is that the direction of traffic changes in the middle lane (sometimes open for the drivers going southbound and sometimes it’s open for the drivers going northbound). It’s not too bad when you’re on a slower street and people do the last-minute turn signal, (often as an after thought). But it’s really kind of dangerous and downright annoying. I can’t tell you how many fender benders I’ve seen that involve at least three cars driving too closely behind one another.

The other thing that annoys me is when I go into a store parking lot and see that people are too lazy to take their shopping cart to the corral. They just leave their shopping cards next to the spot where they parked spot and drive away. Sometimes, they strategically place the shopping cart directly in the cross-section of 4 parking spots and out-of-the-way of the parking space. But, it’s just plain lazy either way. I’ve seen other ridiculous acts where someone actually pushed a cart with their truck just to have the space where the cart occupied (incidentally, they also drove the cart into our parked car and didn’t think that they were in the wrong about it). At Costco, I’ve also seen a guy shove his cart 30 feet across the main road so that it would roll into the store entry way.

Don’t even get me started about the people who park in the reserved handicap stall (and they don’t have a handicap parking permit or seem to have any obvious physical disability).

So, people in Indiana (and all around the world), let’s strive to have fewer accidents, less scratches on cars and less aggravation in general. Let’s try giving everyone some advance notice before making our turns and get a few more metres of exercise into our days by putting shopping carts away. Is that too much to ask?