On Sunday, B.B. and I are going to see the Indianapolis Colts play the Cleveland Browns. I’m kind of excited about going to the game because I haven’t been to a Colts game since they were playing in the old RCA Dome (which looked similar to BC Place Stadium). I have yet to watch the game at Lucas Oil Stadium, a monstrous building resembling a barn complete with a retractable roof. Lucas Oil will also be the host of Superbowl XLVI taking place in Indianapolis on February 5, 2012. In the history of Superbowl, no team has ever played in their hometown. Will the Colts become the exception to this fact?

Water cooler talk about the Colts seems to have cooled down after news that Peyton Manning is out for an indefinite period of time due to neck surgery. This season is the first in which Manning has missed a game since he was drafted in 1998. Replacing Manning will be quarterback is Kerry Collins who announced his retirement earlier in the year, only to be picked up by the Colts a few weeks before the start of the season.

Plays revolve around Manning and now that the Colts are without their star quarterback and in addition to the disappointing opening season loss to Houston (34-7) the pressure seems to be more focussed on the Browns who have not beaten the Colts in over 10 years (their record is 0-5 since 1999).

Should be an interesting game. Kick off starts at 1:00 E.S.T.