I often forget how reliant people are on electricity. It makes living life a little easier and a little more entertaining. When the power goes out, one can’t help feeling a little unsatisfied, irritated, or bored.

Take today for example. I came home to find out that the power has been shut off. Why? Because an electricity bill was not paid on time. I thought that I would just call the customer service number located on the notice that was left wedged in the door by the power company. But first I would have to charge my dead cell phone. It’s a problem because there is no electricity, the power died on the phone! I kind of wish that we still had the electric generator that we returned last winter because we thought that we lasted through the season of potential power outages.

I drove to the library and I am sitting in a well-lit computer lab. Just here waiting for my phone to charge. (Oddly, I don’t think that payphones exist anymore in many public places–I thought that there might be a payphone here, but there isn’t). I tried to logon to the website, of course I forgot to bring a sample bill to retrieve the account information. No luck there. B.B. isn’t around to help me out and the account is in his name anyway. I would call him but…

So, I am just putting some juice on my phone and then I will call customer service (which will be available to take my call for the next hour and a half–if I am not put on hold. Knock on wood). Plus, there is no guarantee that they will restore the electricity with a snap. It’s during regular business hours only, according to this notice. I got the notice when I came home from work at 4:59, with a dead cell phone and no landline in place because cell phones seemed convenient (so that’s why people keep landlines!).

It’s just one of those days. Just hanging out at the library and juicing up the phone, thinking of my next course of action, reflecting on things that I wish I had done, thinking about a better way to organize household matters and of course, planning out our dark evening in the house.