Can you see me? I'm on the right side of the stage on the hill wearing a navy blue shirt...

Yesterday, B.B. and I packed up a little cooler, got our picnic blankets, and a yoga mat, and headed to Connor Prairie to attend a Symphony on the Prairie concert. B.B.’s hairdresser gave us her tickets because she was unable to go to the remaining concerts (I guess the concert that she planned to attend was rained out and she got passes to see a future show).

It reminded me a bit like going to see the Symphony of Fire every summer in Vancouver (now known as Celebration of Lights). Everyone packs up their blankets and snacks and heads to the beach to grab a spot before the show. That’s exactly what B.B. and I did.

The show started at 8, but we got there at around 7:00. We were directed to a field to park. We headed towards the gates and found out that people could get a tractor ride to the main gates. So we took that (it was a short walk, but I couldn’t resist).

The weather was great, perhaps a little humid, but once the sun set, it was pleasant. There were quite a few people at the show. I would guess that there were at least 1,500 people. Many people brought their own drinks (wine, beer, and even hard liquor) which is allowed. There were also concession stands selling alcohol and drinks plus other items like snow cones and old-fashioned kettle popcorn.

B.B. and I found a good spot on the hill and waited for the show to start. The musical group performing that night was Flash Cadillac, a 50’s and 60’s retro rock n’ roll band. I guess they had some movie appearances in films like American Graffiti and Apocalypse Now. They were kind of fun band to watch and I knew most of the cover songs that they played including songs such as, Pretty Woman, Louie Louie, Come on Let’s Go (Ritchie Valens), Sixteen Candles.

The dance floor was open in front of the stage and there were quite a few people dancing away. That was pretty fun to watch because a lot of the people on the dance floor probably danced to these songs when they were teenagers (when I’m 70, maybe they’ll have concerts for people my age where everyone is in a huge mosh pit jumping around and crowd surfing–then again, maybe not).

We didn’t stay for the whole show, but we did stop by the Apple store on the way out (no, not the computer store). We bought some apple cider slushies (they were very delicious–I suggest that you get the large size if you ever go to the Apple store) and we headed out. I recommend going to a Symphony on the Prairie concert at least once. It was a great experience and a great way to spend a warm summer evening.