Well, B.B. and I came home, back to Indiana. We had taken a little vacation out west to visit my family and friends. One night at the pub, someone asked me, what are the top ten best things about Indiana. To be honest, it was kind of hard to come up with a list but I thought of some things off the top of my head. But it inspired me to come up with a couple of lists:


Top 10 things I like about Indiana

  1. The cost of living is not high.
  2. The sky is huge here (even though there are no mountains, the lack of rugged terrain make the sky seem so open).
  3. There is a wide variety of shops. There are great places to go shopping and the tax is lower than most states. One of the best places to go shopping is at the Edinburgh Outlet mall.
  4. Fall is a great season in Indiana with the crisp air and trees that actually change colour. It’s a good time for a drive in a convertible.  
  5. I like seeing wild animals in my yard and neighbourhood. Sometimes I see wild rabbits in yards, I’ve seen deer wandering in the neighbourhood and there was once a fox in our backyard who smelled our food from the barbeque. More often, I see squirrels (I’ve named three of them) and a couple of regular ducks in my yard. 
  6. There are great bicycle paths along the Monon Trail and branched off from the main trail. It’s fun to take bike rides around town.
  7. Although it snows here and it’s quite cold, snow removal from the roads is surprisingly fast.
  8. I’m not a huge fan of watching sports, but I enjoy the enthusiasm that people have for their teams here, whether it be the Colts or Pacers or even sporting events such as March Madness or the Indy 500 or even college or highschool football.
  9. There are a surprising number of museums in Indianapolis and throughout the state. I have not visited all of them, but I hope to visit many of them at least once.
  10. And last but not least, B.B. is here.

Top 10 things I like about Vancouver

  1. I miss the mountains. I’m so used to seeing them, and to not see them all of the time is kind of different. Sometimes, I see clouds in the distance and think that it’s a mountain range.
  2. Spring and summer are great months in Vancouver–even if it rains. Everything seems a lot cleaner after a little rain. Plus I like rainbows.
  3. I like the compactness of Vancouver. It doesn’t take a long time to get from point A to point B.
  4. The transportation system in Vancouver is probably one of the best in the world. You can take the skytrain, seabus, transit bus, on one ticket and/or do a combination of them plus walk and ride a bike. It’s the best way to get around any city.
  5. People are relaxed and friendly in Vancouver. I love how people frequently invite others to join their group for drinks, whether they know them well or not. It’s one of the best way to meet people.
  6. I like the diversity in Vancouver. There is so much of it there, whether it be the different neighbourhoods, the variety of people from all parts of Canada and the world, the different interest groups who like ultimate frisbee, rugby and cricket and other sports, the different kinds of foods, and people from different walks of life. Different is a good thing and I think that it makes life more interesting.
  7. The randomness in Vancouver is also a good thing. There are so many times that I just went with the flow or just experienced some random event. Once I hopped onto the skytrain from downtown to go to Trout Lake when a group of people suddenly started an impromptu drumming session on bongo drums. They were not all together and they were on their way to the lantern festival. It was one of the best and most memorable skytrain rides.  
  8. I’ve been to a lot of great concerts in Vancouver whether it be big name groups, smaller groups, or seeing friends play on stage. Vancouver has a decent music scene.
  9. There are so many things to do in Vancouver. There are lots of cultural events and festivals, musical events, places to dine, people to see. It’s practically impossible to be bored there.
  10. The best thing about Vancouver is definitely the people there. I kind of miss not having my friends from Vancouver in Indiana!