The other day, B.B. and I were driving in Indiana and the following topic came up. There are certain things that one must know if one is to reside in the state of Indiana (according to B.B.). And here’s the top 3 list (drumroll):

3. Learn to drive I-465

OK, so sometimes I take the long route. Not necessarily because I’m afraid to drive on the Interstate, but because I sometimes do not know which exits to take. It’s a bit confusing. I know that I-465 is a big loop around the city (think of a clock face), knowing what exit to take in relation to your destination can be somewhat confusing. Not to mention, sometimes the exit ramps veer off in directions that I am not expecting them to go. Add to that the numerous crazy drivers, it can be a bit intimidating. I have used I-465, but only in certain areas. If I am not sure where I am going, I will take the longer route. One of these days I’ll get a map as a reference guide.

2.  Know what an Indy car looks like

Understanding the fundamental differences between race cars is something that most Hoosiers know, if not all. Until recently, I thought that all  car races were the same. Had I said that in front of anyone other than B.B. perhaps I would have gotten an earful of information about racing. Apparently Indy cars and Formula 1 cars are different from NASCAR. I did not know.

1.  You must see the movie Hoosiers

This is apparently based on a true story that takes place in Indiana. Hoosiers is named one of the best sports movies of all times according to ESPN. I am one of the few people in Indiana who has not seen the movie. But at least I am aware that the movie exists. This is on my “must see movie” list.