I am trying to keep up with weekly posts, but it’s been difficult because I’ve just been so busy living life.

The past week was  short one with Monday being a holiday, that being the 4th of July (I’ve noticed that Americans like to use ordinal numbers more than Canadians: 4th of July and 9th grade, for example. Canadians typically say July 4 or grade 9–it reminds me of the lyrics to the Barenaked Ladies song–“This is me in grade 9, baby….” but I digress).

Blacksmith making nails at Connor Prairie

Last Sunday, B.B. and I woke up, played a few hours of volleyball, had some lunch and went over to Conner Prairie which is essentially a museum with a large interactive history park. Guests can wander to different sections and speak with actors who are playing the role of people from the 1800’s. When we were there, we wandered through Prairietown 1836 where there were stores and working farms.


We hung out with farm animals (the baby calves were very cute), sang Yankee Doodle with a woman playing the tune on a very old piano, visited with a blacksmith who was actually making nails. There was also an interesting Civil War exhibit, the Raid on Indiana, 1863. That was an impressive use of technology using multiple screens to tell the story of how the northern states, such as Indiana, was raided by the Confederate Calvary led by General Morgan during the Civil War. It was interesting take on history because I got the feeling that people from the south would have a different perspective on the events of the raid.

Up in a balloon over IndianaA view of Indiana from a balloon

B.B. and I also took the 1859 balloon voyage and were flying about 400 feet above Indiana (it made me realize how flat Indiana is).

We then left the park at closing time and went to have pizza on a patio off of 86th Street. It was a chain restaurant with a head location in Montana. Nothing special.

B.B. and I are also taking up golf. So we took our clubs and headed to the driving range to hit some balls. We hit about 120 balls. I had a major callous on my finger which is still not quite right, but whatever.

former Vancouverite, Ryan Reynolds in The Green Lantern

To end off our day, we decided to check out the Tibbs Drive-in movie theatre. According to one of the ads, there were over 4000 drive-in theatres at one point in the US. Now, there are only 400 or so. We were at the one on the south side of Indianapolis. There are four giant movie screens in the four corners of the lot and you pull up to the screen with the movie that you would like to watch. Be sure to take note of which screen your movie will be playing on before you enter the lot (B.B. and I had to drive out and circle back because we weren’t sure). Then you just turn on the radio to the station as indicated on the paper that they give to you and you sit back and watch the movie. We watched the X-Men movie. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you too much about it because I fell asleep for most of it. We were at the threatre at 11 p.m. and the movies were still playing past 1:30am! It’s $10 per person, but if you arrive early, you can watch as many movies as you like. A good deal–provided you can manage to stay awake for them.

Today, we are going to have another big day. I will keep you posted.