Will our tomatoes look this good? Time will tell.

little green tomato

This summer, B.B. and I are giving gardening a try. Even though we grew up thousands of miles apart, our parents had vegetable gardens (that we both had to weed at some point). However, neither of us have ever tried gardening on our own. So this is the first year that we’re going to try our hands (or thumbs) at gardening.


I feel confident in our little mini garden. Even though I wasn’t directly involved with my parent’s garden (other than the occasional chore of weeding and picking some vegetables for dinner), I think that we will do ok.

We went to some local nurseries and hardware stores and bought a few plants. We have some tomato plants and some red pepper plants and a basil plant and a parsley plant (that’s mostly for Teemu). I also planted about two dozen begonias in the front yard and some clearance plants from the plant graveyard in the hardware section (they were 25 cents each and they look happy in the ground). The flowers look good.

We decided to grow our vegetables in planter boxes because of questionable soil conditions in our yard (we don’t know what’s in the ground and we decided that we didn’t want to eat contaminated vegetables–who does?). The plastic planter boxes were really the biggest expense but we will be able to reuse them every summer.

Hopefully, we have a good yield of crops and I don’t forget to water the pots!