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Traffic sign alerting drivers for Amish Buggie...

"Whoa! Watch out for that horse-drawn buggy!"

There are a few things that I want to do this summer. It’s kind of like a bucket-list of sorts, maybe it’s more like a coffee-cup list. It’s a list of things to do in the short season of summer:

  • Visit the Amish – I see the odd sign that indicates, “watch out for the horse-drawn buggy!” I think that it would be interesting to visit an Amish farm.
  • Go fishing – I did that last year, but I would like to go again, weather permitting.
  • Drive to Chicago and dine at some great restaurants.
  • Go to a Major League game, maybe in Cincinnati or St. Louis
  • Grow a mini-vegetable garden in our yard. I’m not sure what veggies grow well here, but I think that berries seem to do well, and of course corn (but I had enough corn from last year to last me into the next decade).
  • Buy fresh produce at the farmer’s market
  • Visit a bee farm (just a random thought)
  • Maybe go see a concert at the State Fair – last year I went to the State Fair but didn’t see a show. I would go see Maroon 5 or Janet Jackson
  • Take a relaxing canoe trip down one of the meandering rivers – B.B. and I went last year and it was pretty fun
  • Attend a summer concert outside (maybe at Connor Prairie or at White River State Park).
  • Go spelunking in some of the caves in southern Indiana
  • Drive to French Lick – I heard it was kind of touristy town with casinos. I would like to go check it out.
  • Go to Santa Claus, Indiana – I would just go because of the name.
  • Take a plane trip to Seattle – yes! I am toying with the idea of making a short visit to B.C. this summer. Maybe in August. Maybe I’ll see ya there!

That’s about it for now, I’ll probably add a few more things to this coffee-cup list.