…to be more exact, it’s been 25 years!

Last weekend, B.B. and I went to the movies to watch Thor. Usually, we just see the 2D versions of movies, mainly out of habit. However, during the opening weekend of Thor, there was only a viewing available for the 3D version. So, we went.

It got me thinking about the last time I wore the 3D glasses.  It was at Expo ’86 (the World Exposition was in Vancouver that year —  the people who were there, know what I’m talking about!). My family and I were in the silver golf ball, which is now a permanent fixture of the Vancouver skyline, and is now known as the OMNIMAX (prior to 2009, it was known as IMAX and was the first permanent IMAX theatre). 

Thinking back on that time, I am guessing that it was probably when 3D was cutting edge stuff and that wasn’t yet available to market to the general public. However, 3D must have existed before 1986, maybe in the 1950’s? (What’s with the movie clips where you sometimes see a group of people at the movie theatre and they are all wearing rectangular glasses one red lens and one blue lens?).

Thanks to the Internet, I can now go back and try to decipher what was going on back in 1986. (Cue the time machine).

I was just a kid so it wasn’t until I did a Google search that I realize now that watching the 3D presentation at Expo was actually a major event. It marked the premier of IMAX 3D in full colour. What we watched, was not a movie, there was no story line, I believe that it was just a series of different pictures(upon further research, I am correct, it was just a series of pictures in a film produced by the National Film Board of Canada, called Transitions). Everyone was just kind of in awe of the technology. I remember a teddy bear floating toward me and I tried to reach out and touch it. If people saw it today, they would probably ignore the film and wait for something better to play.

Watching Thor in 3D was pretty amazing, but you get used to the different spacial patterns of objects in the movie, minus the odd flying hammer here and there. I enjoyed the movie and I’m not sure if I would have like it any less if I had watched the two-dimensional version. One thing that I can definitely say, 3D has certainly come a long way since 1986.