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I've got one of these--I look a little different though.

Every time I sign into my WordPress account, I look at my dashboard to see the activity on my account. There are a lot of interesting stats aside from the number of people visiting my page (I have over 2,000 hits now–woo-hoo!). Something that I have noticed that over the last several months, is that one of the most common searches on my blog is about getting a driver’s license in Indiana.

At first, I thought, “Why would people come to my blog to look for this information?” Then B.B. asked me what happens when I do a Google search about driving. It turns out that typing the following words “Canada drivers license Indiana” gets me a number 4 spot on a Google search (How to get a driver’s license  in Indiana) followed by my post about the round-abouts in Carmel which gets me spot #5. And if you do a more general Google search and enter words “Drivers licence Indiana” you will see that I have spot number 47. (By the way, this will change eventually as I am sure other people write about driving on their blog pages).

Why all of the interest? Who are you people? Are you like me and new to the United States and you want to get a driver’s license? Are you a teenager about to embark on your path to freedom and would like to start this journey by finding out all of the information you can about getting a driver’s license? (just so you know, if I was 15 or 16, I would do the same). I’m just curious and I thought I would share this with you.