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Pets make people forget about their worries.

Sometimes, when the world gets too crazy, taking comfort in your pets helps.

Maybe you’re wondering about the couple in the picture to the left. It’s Teemu (the guinea pig) and Lizzie (the shih-zhu). Lizzie is a house guest for a week (she’s a very nice dog). 

Everytime I look at this photo, it makes me laugh. They are such an odd-looking pair. They weren’t really playing together or anything, but they tolerate each other. Well, it’s more like Lizzie has mild interest in Teemu and Teemu is curious about Lizzie (guinea pigs are very curious animals).

The reason why Lizzie jumped onto the couch was because I was paying attention to Teemu and she was a little jealous. At first, Teemu was scared and he ran and hid under the newspaper. Then he realized that Lizzie had no intention of harming him. He slowly came out to investigate (it only took 5 minutes). Eventually he went right up to her. I’m not sure if he thinks that chewing hair is a sign of affection or if he just wants to get her attention (he does that to me sometimes when I am sitting on the floor leaning my back against the sofa). Lizzie didn’t really notice him chewing on her fur, but I moved him away before any major haircuts happened (she went for a long walk that day and was a little tired).

It just makes me feel better when I see that odd pairs can get along.