Last weekend, B.B. and I went and discovered an unusual and unique place in Indiana. It’s a German place called the Heidelberg Haus – it’s a bakery/store/coffee shop/gift shop that specializes in everything and anything German. I can’t even begin to describe it. There are literally, shelves and shelves of stuff. I have never seen so many beer steins and Gnomes all in one place.

After looking around the store at the various knick-knacks and German products (you could literally spend hours in there), we decided to have a snack. Unfortunately, the Heidelberg recently had an electrical fire and the bakery was in the middle of being repaired. We ordered some German bratwurst and had a coffee. While sitting at the counter and sipping on coffee, my eyes were constantly drawn to new things in the store. It was almost like a psychedelic sensory overload. It is a very interesting and cool place.

We are definitely coming back once the bakery is up and running to try some of the German desserts (by the way, did you know that “desserts” backwards spells out “stressed?”…I guess that suggests that maybe we need to eat desserts to reverse the feeling of being stressed).

If you find yourself hungry in Indiana and looking for something to do, I recommend that you go to the Heidelberg Haus which is located at 7625 Pendleton Pike in Indianapolis (from I-465, take exit 42).