I watched Parks and Recreation tonight. If you haven’t really watched the show, it’s a mockumentary following employees of a Parks and Recreation department in the fictional Pawnee, Indiana.

In this episode, titled “Indianapolis,” Leslie Knope (played by Amy Poehler) is enthusiastic about going to Indianapolis to receive a commendation at the State House, while Ron Swanson gets excited about going to a Steak House (in case you’re wondering, Mulligans is a fictional restaurant).

Part of this episode was filmed at the State House in Indianapolis. They only showed a bit of footage of the actual State House. I’m wondering if they will continue the State House storyline next week. I remember this making local news late last year. 

It’s kind of fun to see shows poking fun at places you know. Another funny show that B.B. and I watch together is “How I Met Your Mother” where the character Robin Scherbatsky (played by Colbie Smulders) is from Vancouver, Canada. Although she exaggerates the Canadian stereotypes, it’s still entertaining to watch.