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Bumper stickers in Indiana: expression of opinion or outlandish?

Something that I notice in Indiana is the large numbers of cars with bumper stickers or other decals. For example, whenever there is an election, you often see cars with bumper stickers showing their support for a particular candidate (take for example, the last Presidential election — sometimes you see Obama/Biden stickers, or even local candidates. Another political bumper sticker around here reads “My Man Mitch” which is in reference to Governor Mitch Daniels who is relatively popular in Indiana (although I know some people who believe that he botched up the state of Indiana by decreasing taxes and making cuts to essential programs and services–like education–just so the books would be balanced. Cutting taxes and balancing the budget allows him to bask in popularity among voters and he will finish his term on a high note before people realized how much the future will be messed up. But that is a whole other post…)

Jesus fish

There are quite a few people here who like to let everyone know that they are religious people and therefore “good people.” Maybe they are good people, but if you are a good person, do you have to be religious? Do you have to shout it out to everyone who comes near your vehicle? I think that it’s okay to be religious, but I guess I don’t understand why people need to let the whole world know. I see quite a few “Jesus fishes” on cars. (Side note: you don’t have to go to the nearest church to get one, you can also mosey on down to the local WalMart and pick up one in the automobile aisle–they have different sizes available–whatever suits your mood).

Sometimes, I see decals for local schools (people like to show their affiliation to specific universities). You also have the proud parents who display stickers like, “Mom of an honor student” or “Proud mom of a cheerleader.” Both of these make me think that these are misplaced bragging rights. There seems to be more focus on the mom than the kid (plus, I guess I’m kind of down on the whole cheerleading thing–it’s seems like an elitist group in high school).

The bumper sticker that made me guffaw today was the one that read, “GloBULL Warming.” Really? Are people really in denial over the welfare of the earth? Do people not realize that temperatures around the world are on the rise? (My dad used to tell me that they would get so much snow in winter during the 1950’s that they would have to dig their way out of the house and go up on the roof and remove the snow before the house caved in. I have been by his childhood home and I have never seen nearly that amount of snow that he decribed…mark that down to global warming).  B.B. recently told me that the Republicans have dismissed global warming and claimed that it’s only a myth. (Here are some interesting articles: ABC News: Howard Dean on Global Warming: Republicans ‘Don’t Believe in Science;  24/7 Wall St.: Most Republicans Don’t Believe in Global Warming; and from CBC, Here’s Why People Don’t Buy Global Warming).

I wish that there were some bumper stickers in Indiana that impress me. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any, at least not lately. Maybe I’m just hanging out in the conservative areas of town where people are a little less concerned about universal issues and a little more concerned about how everyone sees them. If I see any good ones, I’ll keep you posted.