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2010 Indianapolis Colts season

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I’m accustomed to hearing about hockey all of the time. Take for example, my high school debate class when the guys would sit in the back of the class and hold up/tape their hand-made signs supporting their favourite hockey teams/players (the debates were usually about topics such as the ethics of animal testing — the hockey signs were completely unrelated to the debates; oddly enough, I don’t remember too much about the debates, but I can still tell you who liked what team and what player). Here in the US, it’s football country. People here in Indianapolis are big Colts fans. Every time there is a game, you can see swarms of people wearing blue.

Just finished watching the Colts playoff game against the New York Jets. It was a nail-biter game. In the second half, the Colts managed to pull ahead with a 50 yard field goal with less than 50 seconds left on the clock. However, the Jets also managed to get in a field goal to come back and win the game 17-16. Heartbreaking loss for the Colts. The former Superbowl Champs are out of the playoffs.

On a related note, the Seattle Seahawks managed to pull off a surprise win against last year’s Superbowl champs, the New Orleans Saints. I barely remember hearing about the Seahawks doing well when I was in Vancouver. This however, is a huge upset.

Am I becoming a football fan? Not really, but it’s hard not to stay informed about the local teams (much like in Canada and hockey). Plus, B.B. is a Colts fan. As for my football posts, you probably won’t hear anything more about it until the until next season.