Apple pie is hard to resist

I’ve never really been one for new year’s resolutions, but I have one that I would like to follow through. It all began last year, when I wanted to find out if I had any food allergies, specifically, I was wondering if I was lactose intolerant (I had my suspicions because I would sometimes get a stomach ache after having ice cream–granted it was fast food ice cream and I never had problems eating gelato). So, in December of ’09, I had some blood drawn and sent to a lab to find out what foods I have negative reactions. I went to a naturalpath and she pricked my finger and took a small sample to send to a lab where they tested for antibodies involved in allergic reactions. The two antibodies that they looked for are immunoglobulin E and immunoglobulin G  (the tests were done by Rocky Mountain Analytical in Calgary). I received my results on a 9 page report which listed major foods in a bar graph with my personal reactions to the foods (the scale ranged from a 0-rating which equaled no reaction to VI-extreme reaction). It turns out that I have a III-moderate reaction to milk , but my body reacts highly to eggs, spelt, wheat, wheat gluten and whole wheat (reading of V-very high to VI-extreme). I do not any life threatening concerns if I eat these foods, but I do notice that I feel a little sluggish and my digestion is affected by these foods. 

The naturalpath suggested that I do a cleanse where I only eat fruit, vegetables, grains (rice) and meat and that I should eliminate all dairy, sugars, wheat, and caffeine. On January 1, 2010, I restricted my diet to fruit, vegetables, meat and whole grain rice. After two weeks, I could slowly reintroduce foods back into my diet one new food per week. I managed to successfully complete two full weeks on this cleanse. The first thing that I reintroduced into my 2010 diet was coffee.

Giving up coffee was definitely the hardest part of the cleanse. I admit, I felt pretty crappy for the first 3-4 days without coffee (and the mornings were really tough!). However, I felt like I had an abundance of energy by Day 5.  However, after reintroducing coffee into my diet, (without the sugar or milk) things kind of went downhill from there. I ended up going out with people, trying to cook the rest of the food at home before moving to Indiana (that included pasta) and I just kind of reverted back to my old ways of eating whatever I felt like eating.

Recently, I told B.B. that I was going to start a cleanse on January 1, 2011. January 1st didn’t start off well as I felt like having a coffee (I justified this by reasoning that I shouldn’t have to give up coffee on a holiday). Since it was a holiday, I also indulged in some potato chips and had a slice of apple pie that I baked to take to B.B.’s parent’s house.

On January 2. I woke up early and decided that I would like a coffee to get me going since I was playing volleyball that morning . After I got home from volleyball, I noticed that there was one left-over piece of apple pie. (B.B. left it for me because he wanted to start eating healthier plus he also had a piece earlier that morning). I also ate some left-over candy cane. January 2 was another write-off.

As of January 3, I haven’t eaten any wheat, but I did have some coffee. Day 3 is good. I think that I will stick to my cleanse plan, but I’ll keep the coffee, for now.