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2010 was a good year for Teemu

2010 was an exciting year and it passed by very quickly. I am still somewhat surprised that nearly a whole year has passed since I’ve moved to Indiana. So, I decided to put together a list of of highlights:

Winter 2010

  • In January, I had a going away party in Vancouver and had a great time
  • I quit my job, packed my bags ,and hopped on a plane destined for Indiana (got overcharged for baggage and managed to get a credit on my next flight with Air Canada)
  • B.B. picked me up at the airport and we went to a Greek restaurant; a random stranger picked up our bill
  • Experienced the coldest weather since I was in Ontario during the ice storms in 1998


  • In April, B.B. and I applied for our marriage license and got married later that week in a courthouse (small affair, but maybe we’ll do something bigger later)
  • Filed more paperwork as required for a Fiancée Visa (once you are married, you need to file additional paperwork and submit marriage certificate to USCIS)
  • In May, we decided to try ultimate frisbee in Indy
  • Played poker with B.B.’s friends and that was the first $$$ that I earned in Indiana


  • Started a blog to document my life
  • After inquiries and research, I got a fishing license as a resident of Indiana (as opposed to a non-resident; a price difference of $17 vs. $35)
  • B.B. and I did some fishing around the state of Indiana (mostly for bass)
  • In June, we  got a neglected guinea pig and named him Teemu (random information: that same day, we nearly ran over 4 baby raccoons crossing the road, thankfully we didn’t because that would’ve been a bad day)
  • I began playing drop in volleyball regularly; B.B.’s brother and I convinced B.B. that volleyball is fun, now B.B. is hooked
  • I took a written test and did the road test to get an Indiana Drivers License
  • Received a permanent residency card (without having to do an in-person interview)


  • Started applying for jobs, got a part-time job
  • Began organizing volleyball nights with pub stops afterwards
  • Spent Thanksgiving with B.B.’s family

Winter 2010 to 2011

  • Part-time job became a full-time job (with benefits)
  • Spent Christmas with B.B’s family
  • Spent New Year’s Eve with B.B. (and Teemu)

Hope that you had a great 2010. Best wishes to you in 2011!