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On Christmas Eve, B.B. and I decided that we would go out to eat. I happened to have the gift card that we received from Kincaid’s from the time when we had a terrible meal the last time we went to Kincaid’s. We were reluctant, but we decided to give Kincaid’s another go.

We stayed away from the last dishes that we ordered (last time, I had the Tableside Seafood Étouffé and B.B. had the Chinese and 5 Spice Salmon–see my scathing review from my last visit to Kincaid’s). Instead, I decided to go for a nice juicy steak (the Char Grilled Sirloin Chateau–wordy for a steak) and B.B. ordered the Salmon with Smoked Salmon and Horse Radish Crust (another wordy title). B.B. was reluctant to order this because it came with brussel sprouts, however, he was pleasantly surprised by his dish. He said that the brussel sprouts were the most delicious thing on his plate (they were carmelized baby sprouts). His salmon-salmon was also good.  The steak that I ordered was delicious. I ordered it cooked medium, but it came back medium-rare, but I didn’t mind because I usually like medium or medium rare). It was a delicious steak, and it came with creamy mashed potatoes and tender spears of asparagus. The meal was delicious, the service was great.

Kincaid’s redeemed themselves a little in my book. However, to anyone going to this restaurant, I would recommend that you stay away from the seafood dishes. They sound good on the menu, but it’s hit and miss. I have nothing to go on except my suspicion that seafood dishes are not popular in the midwest (people tend to order things that they are familiar with and here in the midwest, it’s meat and potatoes) therefore, seafood dishes may not meet your expectations. Stick to the steak and poultry dishes when you go to Kincaid’s at Clay Terrace.