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Christmas came and went. Nothing too exciting. It was quite low-key. I watched some Christmas movies, did not have a stocking (so I guess that’s why I didn’t get a gift from Santa this year), and I had a Christmas dinner. B.B. and I had a late start to the day. We ended up going to B.B.’s parent’s house for dinner. We had turkey and the usual side dishes that accompany a turkey dinner. B.B., B.B.’s mom and I played a game of Scrabble. I told them that I hadn’t played since I was in Grade 5, but I assured them that I learned a few more words since then (haha).  B.B. ended up winning the game with some strategically placed tiles. We managed to use all but 3-4 tiles, so it was a pretty good game. I was hoping that we would get the game Settlers of Catan to play over the holidays. The last time I played, I was with B.B., my sister, brother in-law, and cousin. The only thing that I remember about that night was that my cousin went to have a cigarette and the rest of us decided to look at his cards while he was out. Despite this, he ended up winning the game, but it was funny. Maybe this week, I’ll do some Christmas shopping for next year (get some Christmas decorations at a discounted price). They do not have Boxing Day in the States, but they do have sales after Christmas. So, I think that today, B.B. and I are going to Edinburgh to the Edinburgh Premium Outlet Mall to do some shopping. Yay!