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  • I had a rough morning. First of all, I had to wake up earlier than usual on a cold winter day (-1 point).
  • I woke up and was surprised to see 4 inches of snow. (-1).
  • B.B. actually woke up earlier than I did and ended up waking me up because he knew that I would need extra time to drive to work (+1).
  • B.B. made me breakfast (+1)
  • and he made me coffee(+2)
  • plus he brushed all of the snow off of the car (+1).
  • He then blazed a trail down the driveway so that I could get out without running over the lawn (+1).
  • It took me more than 15 minutes longer than usual just to drive to the major road that I need to take to work (-1).
  • I got lost and somehow ended up taking the wrong street which lead back to the freeway (-2).
  • I was a bit late for work (-1) but I was not as late as some of the other people(but it’s not a big deal because I can make up for it).
  • I ended up getting called in to the supervisor’s office to speak with two people with more seniority than me. I thought that it was just to talk about an upcoming project. They told me that they were impressed with me and they offered me a full-time position (+10!) . I later called B.B. and he congratulated me and said that he would take me out for dinner tonight.
  • I drove home, got to my neighbourhood and was irritated because someone was tailgating me even though I was driving 20-22 mph  in a neighbourhood with a 25 mph speed limit–there are no sidewalks so sometimes there are people walking their dogs down the streets and often times, you don’t see them right away when you are driving around the corners (-1).
  • I was so irritated that I pulled up in the driveway, called B.B., went to get the mail, realized that I locked the keys to the car in the car (-2)
  • and did not have keys to get into the house (-5).
  • I did have a phone and I was on the phone with B.B. (+1).
  • He told me that he would be home soon (but he had to drop off his friend on the way because he gave him a ride and his car is in the shop and had to be picked up before 6). So, I waited outside for 30 minutes (-2…which was not too different from the temperature outside).
  • B.B. came home and we went out for dinner first to Gelato Da Vinci the Bistro and it was delicious (+2).
  • Tried to open the car with a wire coat hanger, but it didn’t work out too well so a locksmith to come and pop the door open (-1).

(Total day=+2). It doesn’t seem like it, but it was a pretty good day.