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I consistently have a good experience at Naked Tchopstix. Sushi bars seem like they are just starting to gain popularity in Indy. I couldn’t help noticing the quote on the Naked Tchopstix page that emphasizes that sushi also comes in a cooked form, in an attempt to entice customers that are not yet ready to try the raw, nigiri-style sushi: “our sushi bar offers the city’s freshest sashimi, directly from Hawaii, and a renowned assortment of COOKED sushi rolls. ”

I’ve been to both Indy locations (College Ave in Broad Ripple and 96th Street), but I particularly like the atmosphere at the 96th Street location which has the feel of a modern Asian-style cosmopolitan bar. The interior is dark with rich red accent walls, bamboo trim and rice paper covering partition walls. An assortment of lanterns hang from the ceiling. The Broad Ripple location is smaller and has a cozier feel and looks more like a modern sushi bar.  

This restaurant is a fusion-style restaurant which has an assortment of Japanese food including sushi, Chinese appetizers, and some southeast Asian dishes. The restaurant has delicious Korean dishes (the owners are Korean) so I usually order one of the Korean stews. (I have yet to sample the Asian-inspired martinis, which sound impressive with the mixes of Asian fruit like lychee). Naked Tchopstix has also been voted as one of the best restaurants in Indy (Best of Indy).We tried the shrimp shumai, a surprisingly tasty appetizer. We also ordered the Playboy Roll which comes to the table wrapped in tin foil and on a plate with alcohol. The server lights the alcohol to sear the roll within the foil. The roll itself is made of shrimp tempura, asparagus, tempura chips, spicy tuna, and on the outside, cooked shrimp, spicy and sweet sauce. It’s one of the best rolls that I’ve ever had!

I also had a Korean dish, (my favourite is the “Doenjang Jigae”, or the “Korean Miso Soup” as it’s called on their menu). It’s usually good B.B. had the Kimchi Jigae (which is a Korean stew with kimchi,). Usually the Korean dishes come with some Korean side dishes like kimchi. It’s usually pretty good, but the last time we had the kimchi (fermented vegetables, usually cabbage with red pepper and garlic paste), there was a bit too much paste and not enough cabbage. If you enjoy Asian food, I recommend this restaurant.