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…and it’s not a typo.

Now that Dancing with the Stars is over, Sarah Palin can continue promoting her book (and herself). She is going to be at the local grocery chain, Meijer for a book signing of her latest book “America By Heart” (which, according to her, is “a collection of essays and reflections about our exceptional country. It discusses the ideals we must pass on to the next generation to ensure that we remain, in the words of Reagan, “the shining city on a hill,” and in the words of Lincoln, “the last best hope of earth.”)

The last time that Sarah Palin was in Indiana, she was at a bookstore in Noblesville promoting her first book “Going Rogue.” People lined up for hours just to be one of a thousand people to receive a wristband in order to get a guaranteed spot to stand in another line to wait for a few more hours to meet Sarah Palin and have her sign a copy of her book. She ended up leaving a little early with an angry mob of about 300 people who wasted a day of their life waiting for her to sign a copy of her book.

Currently, there are rumors flying around about Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol and her recent stint on Dancing with the Stars. Many people find it hard to believe that Bristol Palin, a 20 year-old with no prior dance training, managed to outlast Brandy, a singer whose career required it. Despite consistently scoring near the bottom of the pack, each week, she managed to squeak by and make it to the next round (see article Bristol Palin Backlash). Some even go so far as to suggest that Dancing with the Stars was rigged by tea party members who had created multiple e-mail accounts in order to vote in favour or Sarah Palin’s daughter. There are still other rumours suggesting that Sarah Palin forced her daughter to be in DWTS in order to fulfill her own political aspirations (this was suggested by Margaret Cho who was also a contestant on DWTS).

Despite all of the controversy that follows Sarah Palin, people still love her. Hoosiers are no exception to this. Some of the comments in support of Sarah Palin include that she is “cute,” or “she’s down to earth” or “she represents women in politics.” I think a lot of people also like her because she’s a Republican (Indiana is mostly a Republican-supported state). From my observations, people choose to support political parties in the same manner they support their football team. Many times it seems like it’s based on loyalty: no matter how bad it gets, you stick with your team.

I swung by the Meijer to do some grocery shopping (and some gawking). People were lined up in a snaking line around the store aisles of Meijer. There was a crowd of about 75-100, but it wasn’t impressive. Still, it was early, but it shows that people like Sarah Palin. Standing next to the busy road that runs past Meijer, there were also a couple of college-aged women with protest signs  that read, “Sarah Palin is bad for America.”

Sarah Palin is an intriguing person, but if I were able to vote in a U.S. election, I would not vote for someone who has little understanding on a few minor things, like say, world politics. Glenn Beck recently asked her opinion on the growing tensions between North and South Korea she replied, “Obviously, we’ve got to stand with our North Korean allies.” (Read more at Wonkette: Sarah Palin Basically Declares War On ‘South Korea’). If I had to choose between Sarah Palin and almost anyone else in an election, I would probably choose the other person. However, if I wanted sightseeing suggestions for a trip to Alaska, I might ask Sarah Palin. I fear for the U.S. if she runs in another election (Sarah 2012?). I hope she sticks to something she knows…unfortunately for her, it’s not politics.

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