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Volleyball 6-2 formation

Volleyball 6-2 formation


Went to volleyball tonight. Not a lot of the usual crowd there. There were some people who I have never seen before. There was a group of three and I think that they were there because the daughter wanted to practice her volleyball skills (I think that the other two women were the mother and older cousin). Everything was ok but it started going downhill. All three of them showed varying degrees of passive aggressiveness. They:

  • sometimes blamed each other for not getting the ball
  • made fun of each other, or themselves when a mistake was made
  • started laughing hysterically about little things that weren’t really a big deal
  • threw the ball in disgust when they weren’t able to return a serve
  • pretended to be mad at people on their team or on the other team (even though it was obvious that they were pretending, it was also obvious that they were expressing their true feelings–they really were mad)
  • and they gave a couple of stink-eye looks
  • (why did I make this list? I just thought it was easier to read bullet points)

To top it all off, someone on their team was trying to give pointers to help them out and the mom did not take too kindly to it. She ended up storming off with her bag of volleyballs and dragged her daughter and niece with her). She didn’t set a good example for her daughter. The daughter may not have gotten full playing time tonight, but she is acquiring a negative attitude for the game.

They were giving a really negative vibe at the gym. I can’t get over these people who get so competitive and uptight at volleyball. For one thing, it’s drop-in volleyball and no one really cares who wins. Plus, it doesn’t make it fun for the rest of us when people are in a foul mood.

In the end, we had to reorganize the teams. It dwindled down to 4 of us so we played 2 vs 2. Very tiring, but it was fun.