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I completely missed Canadian Thanksgiving on Oct 10 (Canadian Thanksgiving is on the second Monday in October). I was going to roast a turkey, but with no mention of Canadian Thanksgiving, I kind of forgot about it. So here I am about to celebrate my first American Thanksgiving.

We are going to go to B.B.’s parents house for dinner with his family. I am not sure if I need to bring anything, so I woke up this morning and baked an apple pie. I made the pastry for the crust last night which  I covered it in plastic wrap and refrigerated over night. From my experience, refrigerated dough is the best because the crusts are flakier and it seems to bake better. I cut and peeled eight apples and I made a lattice crust. The pie looks good.

Here's the apple pie that I baked

Right now, I’m watching TV, blogging, hanging out with Teemu and waiting for B.B. to wake up.

I’m also surfing the web trying to decide if I would like to go shopping on Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year in the US. The term, “Black Friday” was coined because retailers often turned a profit (getting out of the red and into the black). People often line up early in the morning outside of stores just to be the first to get the best deals. This is not all that different from Boxing Day in Canada (Boxing Day is not observed in the US). I’ve never really been a fan of going Boxing Day shopping, so I probably won’t venture out to the stores tomorrow. Cyber shopping from the comfort of my home is more of my thing.

A relatively new shopping day is Cyber Monday which takes place the Monday after Black Friday (it made its debut in 2005). Now that I’m in the US, I no longer have to worry about additional shipping charges or paying duty fees (yay!). I still have some gift certificates that I can use toward online purchases. Maybe I’ll use them next Monday.

So, I guess I’ll go wake up B.B. and get ready for a day of overeating, hanging out with family and possibly watching football.