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Yesterday, I decided to go to Keystone Crossing to do a little browsing (side note: Keystone Mall reminds me of Oakridge Mall in Vancouver). That’s where I had my first celebrity sighting in Indiana. He wasn’t someone super famous, but it was still a celebrity sighting. I was walking along the walkway and saw Sherman Burdette, who is a TV Personality for Fox59 in Indiana.

I didn’t stop to ask for an autograph, (what do you do with autographs? It’s kind of useless on a piece of paper, unless it’s a card or CD or something similar). I just kept walking, which is what I usually do when I see famous people. Then I thought, maybe I should make a list of all of the famous people I’ve seen in real life, just for fun. So, in no particular order,  here it is:

  • Charlie Sheen, actor, filming the movie Cadence
  • Aqua, musical group, served them at a restaurant in Vancouver, it was the lead singer, and the stocky guy with the beard
  • Chris Isaak, musician, restaurant, Vancouver
  • Michael Andretti, famous car racer, restaurant, Vancouver (I didn’t recognize him, some guys from ESPN pointed him out to me)
  • Sarah McLaughlin, musician, restaurant, Vancouver
  • Janet and Greta Podleski, chefs and TV personalities on Food Network Canada, they were having a book signing for their cookbook, Eat, Shrink and Be Merry
  • Judd Nelson, actor, restaurant, Vancouver
  • Rod Stewart, musician and Terry David Mulligan, TV personality, while looking for a washroom at the PNE one summer (once I realized that my mom was no longer with me, I had to go back and get her; she was standing 5 feet in front of Rod Stewart,with head cocked to the side and staring up at his face trying to figure out if it was indeed Rod Stewart)
  • Prince Charles and Princess Diana, former Royal couple, Kamloops, in the 1986, before Expo 86 opened to the public, they came for a visit and drove down the main street, unfortunately, I was on the wrong side of the street so I mostly saw Prince Charles and only saw Princess Diana through the window of the limo)
  • Trevor Lindon, hockey player, at a Canucks training camp in Kamloops, I did get a photo which is somewhere at my parent’s house
  • Squire Barnes and Sophie Liu, TV Anchors on Global News, Vancouver, I saw them with a couple of their work friends, they were shopping at Banana Republic on Robson Street, Vancouver
  • I saw Squire Barnes on a separate occasion walking down Robson Street with someone
  • Leo Baggio, radio disc jockey in Kamloops, spotted randomly around town
  • Jennifer Aniston, actress, Vancouver, I saw her in the window of a building during the filming of movie, Love Happens in Coal Harbour
  • Moist, Canadian band, had a CD signing for their album, Creature at the no longer A&B Sound, downtown, Kelowna
  • 54-40, Canadian band, played at the college pub, managed to get two of the band members signatures on my CD
  • Neil Osborne, singer from 54-40, Vancouver at restaurant, got his signature for a bill, but not on my CD

A lot of these celebrities sightings took place in Vancouver. Robson Street is the place to be if you want to spot a celebrity.

I feel like I’m missing a few people, but that’s ok. So, here’s a short list of famous people who have been stopped by people I know:

  • Jennifer Lopez, actress – My dad managed to get her to stop and pose for a picture, but he didn’t know how to work my mom’s digital camera and took so long trying to get her picture that she had to leave (my mom sent my dad on a paparazzi expedition while she was filming a movie)
  • Esa Tikkanen, hockey player – B.B. was walking around Wal-Mart with his friend, A.K. and they spotted Tikkanen shopping with his wife. Apparently, Tikkanen was coaching and playing on a hockey team south of Seoul. Not being a hockey fan, B.B. was baffled when A.K. suddenly took off and made a bee-line towards Tikkanen to introduce himself.
  • Pat Quinn, GM for Vancouver Canucks in the 90’s, stopped by my mom for an autograph while he was in Kamloops for a Canucks training camp. On a separate meeting that week, he remembered my mom and waved to her as she and my dad were driving by in the car and he was walking along the sidewalk.