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The cover of a Pepero box

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Here’s my random post of the day. This morning, I washed a load of bed sheets and I came across an empty candy wrapper as I was loading the laundry into the dryer. It seems like such a little thing, but there’s a story behind it.

Since the beginning of our relationship, I have been hiding candy from B.B. because he tends to eat more candy than he should in one sitting. I recall a time in November when we were teaching in South Korea. I came home to find that he had eaten all of my Pepero that I received from my students. (Pepero is a chocolate covered cookie stick, much like the Japanese version of Pocky sticks. The Pepero company was clever enough to market the product by proclaiming November 11 as Pepero Day –or 11/11– a number which resembles the pepero sticks. So every November 11, people in South Korea give each other Pepero as gifts). If you’re a popular teacher, you get a lot of Pepero. I had a fair amount of it, certainly more than I could eat in one sitting. I never even got a chance at my stash because soon after Pepero day, I came home to find B.B. sprawled out on a bed, covered in empty candy wrappers, half passed out and he was giddy and giggling like crazy (not sure if it’s because of the sugar or because he was busted). Ever since this time, I have had to hide my candy stash, and our shared candy, so that he doesn’t eat it all at once.

Take Hallowe’en: it’s a dangerous time for candy. We only had 15 trick or treaters this year (and I bought enough candy for at least 50). Of course, I only bought candy that I like (Reese peanut butter cups, Twizzlers, Nerds, gummies); if you are left with a bunch of candy, you don’t want to finish off the ones you don’t like (for example, as a kid, I’ve always hated getting candy corn, raisins and apples). Unfortunately, B.B. managed to get his hands into this year’s Hallowe’en stash (before and after Oct. 31). Ever since Hallowe’en, I have been finding empty wrappers all over the house (in the couch, under the chair, in the garbage, in his pockets, etc). I hide the candy from B.B., he hides the empty wrappers for me to find. Today, I just happened to find his other hiding spot–the pillow cases. Finding the wrapper in the pillow case just proves that I’m going to have to be a bit more sneakier about hiding candy.